SimpleSMF – start and stop VirtualBox guests automatically on solaris/opensolaris/openindiana

Here it is, the Simple SMF project:


I created iscsi-zpool simplesmf because I had some iscsi pools that needed to be mounted at bootup, but needed to gracefully dismount before iscsi initiator shutdown, and needed to gracefully fail if the target were unavailable at boot.

I created virtualbox-guest-control simplesmf, because the next two leading products (vboxsvc and the built-in smf service included with virtualbox 4.2 and newer) had some drawbacks … vboxsvc is very powerful but very complex, and the complexities are things I don’t need in my environment. I also talked with some other people about vboxsvc, and one of them said it was only 95% reliable for him. Given the complexity and confusion, that was no surprise, so I wanted something simpler. The built-in smf service in virtualbox 4.2, I haven’t tested yet. But I’m told it starts up guests gracefully at bootup and fails to shutdown guests at shutdown. Now … Knowing what I know about SMF, I think that’s probably bunk. Probably, the guests *do* shutdown gracefully, but again, I haven’t tested.

Also, I think SimpleSMF serves as a good example for just *any* simple smf service you might want to create.

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